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Welcome to OmegaMinecraft

The Home of VintageBeef

Have you ever wanted to build your own Zoo or become a Pokemon Master and wished you could do it all in the wonderful world of Minecraft? Well now you can on our OmegaMinecraft Network, and if you need a break from Zoo Keeping and Poke battles there's always our Mini Games and Abba Servers along with planned Events!

We are really proud of the friendly and welcoming community we have built since first opening in February 2021 and hope you'll become part of that community soon!

Check out our Discord for announcements, events and more.

PAST Events

Easter on OmegaMinecraft

Do you like Hunting for Easter Eggs? then hop on to our Hub and try and find all the Easter Chicks!

Easter HEad Hunt
Our players have hidden their Easter Chicks and the Hunt has officially begun! Head to our Zoo server to join in! More info at Zoo /spawn and don't forget to collect your Easter Bunny Ears from /kits

And if Pixelmon is more your thing, head to /spawn and try and find all the Easter chicks!


Easter Build Competition
We are holding the build comp on both our Zoo and Pixelmon servers, just head to /warp events when on the server!

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Can you Escape the Museum?

Our Zoo Server will be hosting an Escape room event from the 10th-18th February with some unique prizes for those that manage to Escape!
See our Discord for more info!

VintageBeef and ChiliCookie managed to complete it in 1 hour and 25 Minutes, can you beat their time?

And Join us on Monday 12th February at 4pm UTC for another MiniGames Funday!

Hermitcraft tcg

On February 5th all TCG servers were diverted to the new site, this means all players are now in one place! this will make it easier for everyone to find matches!
Why not head over and give it a try?

(This is not run or maintained by OmegaMinecraft)

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