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We are a Java only Minecraft server so we are unable to host any pocket edition or Bedrock players.
Our server ip is
We look forward to seeing you on our Network soon!  



Ablockalypse is a post apocalyptic zombie survival game set in a big city! Recently added the SafeHouse Update! No mods needed, just join in Minecraft 1.18.2.
Check out our Wiki here.

Omega Pixelmon

Our Pixelmon server is for satisfying the need to catch em all and become the best Trainer of all time! using the Pixelmon Reforged Modpack you can explore the world, catch and train pokemon then try and conquer all the gyms and more!

Now updated to 1.16.5!

Modpack current version 1.0.3 Can also launch it through the CurseForge App


Omega Zoo

 Our Zoo Beta server is for those that want to explore the world and set up their own Zoo.  Our main mod is Zawa:Evolved which is currently in Beta and not fully complete, we update as soon as they add additional content! we have recently added the Zawa add on Lil Critters, which adds more adorable animals to the world.                                                                            

Now updated to 1.16.5!
Modpack current version 1.1.13 Can also launch it through
the CurseForge App



One of Beef's favourite mini games is back! Compete against other players to mine as many ores as you can within the time limit, don't forget to look for items in chests for bonus points! Use your points to buy fun cosmetics!

Now in 1.19.3!

Mini Games

Need to take a break from our other servers and just have some fun with friends, why not jump on our New Mini Games Server and earn points to buy fun cosmetics!

You can join in versions 1.16.5 to 1.19.3!

Omega Cobblemon

Coming June

Cobblemon is a new Pokemon mod in the classic Minecraft style and it's also in Minecraft version 1.19.2! The mod is still in BETA but we're excited to see what they add in future updates and hope you'll join us to experience this new amazing mod.

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