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Official Server Rules, Player Report and Punishment Appeals.

We are a family friendly Network, our rules are here to ensure we maintain a welcoming and safe environment for all our players.
By joining our Network you agree that you have read and understood the rules listed below, but are not limited to:

(The staff team has the right to change the rules at any time.)

 Chat Rules

  • Be respectful of other players and staff. (We will not tolerate harassment, bullying or toxic behaviour on our Network).

  • No swearing/ offensive language or trying to bypass the filter.

  • No spamming or excessive use of caps. (this means repeating the same message, asking for free items, posting random strings of symbols, speaking in all caps).

  • Do not advertise other servers, discords or websites.

  • Only speak English in the main chat channels (This helps us moderate).

  • Do not discuss active or previous punishments in the main chat channels (Appeals form below).

  • No inappropriate/ sensitive topics in chat (this includes but is not limited to: sexual language, politics, religion, drugs and topics not suitable for a public server).

  • No sharing of another player's personal information.

  • No impersonating staff or other players.


  • Do not disrupt another players' experience. This includes building/claiming on Zoo within 100 blocks of another player's claim (your claim will be removed) (50 blocks on our Pixelmon Server).

  • Please be aware that claims can be deleted after 60 days of inactivity and player vaults will be automatically wiped (this is per server). (Inactive claims may be offered to those with Manager level trust).

  • No inappropriate usernames, nicknames, skins, signs, item names, pet names or builds.

  • No scamming of any kind (this includes the renaming of items with the intent of deceiving others into believing it's something else).

  • No player trapping, or killing is allowed. (PVP is allowed on our Ablockalypse and Mini Games servers).

  • No griefing or stealing is allowed (this includes unclaimed builds, abandoned claims etc).

  • No duping/ exploiting of bugs or glitches. Please report any bugs and glitches to a member of staff.

  • AFK builds are not permitted on our server (AFK pool/track/fish farm etc), you may not use any software or physical objects to avoid the AFK kick. Those with the AFK perk are not permitted to AFK at another base/ farm with the intention of helping gain items (this includes mobs from breeding) or profit.

  • Auto farms are allowed but please ensure they are no bigger than 16x16 (one chunk), if they or any player build does cause lag you will be asked to remove it (or staff will remove it).

  • Spawners must be kept in an enclosed area (Only the mobs listed for your rank can be used in your spawner, you are NOT allowed to use eggs (Zawa or Vanilla) in any spawner).

Game Modifications

  • No hacked clients.

  • No texture packs or client side mods that give you any benefits/unfair advantage over others (such as X-Ray, ore packs etc).

  • No Auto Clickers, Macros, Auto-Fishers and/or any form of automation.

  • You may use client performance improvement mods that improve performance but they must not make any changes to the game itself.

  • Aesthetic mods like shaders are allowed, but none that change the properties of any blocks or items.

  • Journey Map (on our modded servers), Optifine, Schematica-like mods (disable print mode), Inventory & mouse tweaks and HUD mods are allowed as long as they do not add any additional information that other players do not have access to.

  • You may also use mods for recording/ playback of gameplay as long as they do not allow access to other game modes such as spectator, or give an advantage of any kind.

Accounts/ Alt Accounts

  • Players are responsible for their own accounts and personal information. Players also take full responsibility for any actions which may occur on their account.

  • We do not transfer player ranks, stats, money, items etc

  • Alt accounts are allowed but may not be used to bypass a punishment or to gain an unfair advantage over others.

  • Do not try to bypass any punishment you have received, this will result in further punishment. (This includes using Discord to talk in-game when you are muted or temp banned).


  • You may not sell/ trade any accounts or in-game items for real money (or currency on Steam, PayPal etc).

  • Threatening to or actively doxing, DDOSing, harassing or blackmailing others, sharing personal information, or sending malicious links.

  • Please do not spam Beef or any content creator with requests/gifts or try to follow them around when they are on the server, they are most likely making a video and it would be a shame if they had to turn off chat just to play and record on the server.

For Punishment Appeals and Player Reports head to our Support Page

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