Official Server Rules, Player Report and Punishment Appeals.

By joining our Network you agree that you have read and understood the rules listed below. For Server specific rules please check the player guide in-game using /menu
(The staff team have the right to change the rules at any time.) last updated 01/03/2022

     Rules and Regulations

  • Be respectful of other players and staff. (No trolling, harassment, disrespect, verbal abuse or discrimination of any kind, this also includes arguing against punishments (see our appeals process) ).

  • No swearing or trying to bypass the filter.

  • No excessive spam (repeating the same message often) this includes commands (/tpa etc) and asking for free items continuously.

  • Only speak English in the main chat channels.

  • Do not discuss punishments in the main chat channels.

  • No inappropriate/sensitive topics (politics, religion etc)

  • Do not use excessive caps. (Best to just not talk in all caps)

  • Do not disrupt another players' experience. This includes building/claiming within 100 blocks of another player's claim (your claim will be removed).

  • To ensure everyone has the opportunity to have a shop in the shopping district, please follow the rules on the board.

  • No scamming of any kind (this includes the renaming of items with the intent of deceiving others into believing it's something else).

  • No sharing of another player's personal information.

  • No advertising another server IP, server name, server website, or discord.

  • No using alternate accounts to bypass a punishment or to gain an unfair advantage over others.

  • No player trapping, or killing is allowed.

  • No griefing or stealing.

  • No duping/ exploiting of bugs or glitches. Please report any bugs to a member of staff.

  • AFK builds are not permitted on our server (AFK pool/track/fish farm etc), you may not use any software or physical objects to avoid the AFK kick. Those with the AFK perk are not permitted to AFK at another base/farm with the intention of helping gain items (this includes mobs from breeding) or profit.

  • Auto farms are allowed but please ensure they are no bigger than 16x16 (one chunk), if they do cause lag you will be asked to remove it (or staff will remove it).

  • No texture packs or Macros/scripting/client side mods that give you any benefits/unfair advantage over others (such as X-Ray, ore packs, auto clickers etc).

  • Spawners must be kept in an enclosed area.

  • Please be aware that claims can be deleted after 60 days of inactivity.

  • Donors may not use a majority of perks without cooldowns on/for other players (picking up spawners, /heads, /fly and other donor warps are fine, as long as you do not charge for these perks.) This also means that any items that can only be obtained through perks (spawners, heads etc) cannot be sold/traded by anyone, with or without the needed perk to obtain them.

  • Please do not spam Beef with requests/gifts or try to follow him around when he is on the server, he is most likely making a video and it would be a shame if he had to turn off chat just to play and record on the server.

Player Report
If you would like to report or make staff aware of any behaviour or rule breaking on our Network, you can do so by filling in this form. Report form
We will not share this information with anyone outside of our staff team.

Punishment-Appeals Process

If you have been punished, it is because you have broken one of our server rules. We can and will ban/punish accounts that are in violation of our server rules stated in the rules above. Please refer to the rules before submitting your appeal to make sure that you know that your sentence may be unwarranted.

All punishment appeals will be reviewed as soon as possible, contacting staff about your appeal or submitting more than one appeal will not speed up the process and may lead to immediate rejection.

Punishment Appeal Form: Appeals form